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Performing for the Anti-Racism Funders Table

Happily enjoying music and enthusiastically sharing it with the public, Harmony Guzheng Ensemble has participated in various public activities since its inception 13 years ago, bringing wonderful performances to the communities. Recently, the ensemble received a warm invitation from the anti-racism organizations to perform for the funders conference at Grey Eagle Resort & Casino on May 16.

This was the first public performance since the outbreak of the coronavirus in the spring of 2020. Six members brought four guzheng songs from different regions and different ethnic groups to the audience. At the beginning, Sylvia Lee introduced the Harmony Guzheng Ensemble and introduced how ethnic groups in China can get along with each other as equals and fraternity, which is very close to the theme of the event calling for racial equality. In the performance, the sound of the guzhengs was sometimes gentle and moving, sometimes passionate, accompanied by the elaborate folk custom display on the screen, bringing the audience a very beautiful experience. At the end of the performance, the audience thanked the orchestra with warm applause for its wonderful performance.

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