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About Harmony Guzheng Ensemble

The Guzheng, also known as the Chinese Zither or harp is a traditional Chinese string instrument that has been around for more than two thousand years. The Guzheng is not just an instrument but also a storyteller—having the ability to paint pictures of the beautiful sceneries and stories of Ancient China through its fluid and elegant sounds.
Harmony Guzheng Ensemble is a Calgary based non-profit music organization for Guzheng lovers. The ensemble is lead by Shirley Wong, a former GuZheng instructor of Hong Kong GuZheng Performers Association. Since established, it has been consistently demonstrating and promoting Chinese music culture in many community activities and charity activities with this treasured musical instrument. It is also a happy family of Guzheng lovers.


Guzheng Concerts

The Harmony Guzheng Ensemble regularly performs special concerts at Calgary's grand concert hall, to showcase different forms of guzheng music, including solos, group performances, and grand ensembles, including elegant classical music and bright modern music. Please keep an eye out for our future events.

Culture Activities

Over the past fifteen years, we have been honored to have had the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange activities with many arts groups, including the BC Chinese Orchestra, Calgary Chinese Orchestra, the Guzheng Orchestra of Xi'an Conservatory of Music from China, and the local multicultural music organization.


Community Events

Harmony Guzheng Ensemble is often invited to participate in community activities, including theatrical performances, festival celebrations, multicultural art exchanges, outdoor carnivals, to add a happy atmosphere to the activities, while promoting traditional Chinese musical instruments and music culture. For performance matters, please feel free to contact us.

Social Services

Since its establishment, Harmony Guzheng Ensemble has actively participated in community service activitie. We provide music entertainment to audiences in nursing homes, schools, zoos, shopping malls, hospitals, and many public venues. For performance matters, please feel free to contact us.


Group Activities

Harmony Guzheng Ensemble is a happy family of Guzheng lovers who often get together to celebrate festivals, enjoy food and enjoy nature. Every summer, we spend a few days camping in the beautiful nature to soak up the aura.

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