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Harmony Guzheng Ensemble

The Guzheng, also known as the Chinese Zither or harp, is a traditional Chinese string instrument that has been around for more than two thousand years. It has been developed from 7 strings to 21 strings and even more! Performers play the music by plucking the strings with picks that are attached on the fingers. It is a pentatonic instrument, but players are able to play all the intervals by changing the tension of strings. The Guzheng is not just an instrument but also a storyteller—having the ability to paint pictures of the beautiful sceneries and stories of Ancient China through its fluid and elegant sounds.

“Harmony Guzheng Ensemble” is a Calgary based non-profit music organization for Guzheng lovers. It is led by Shirley Wong, a former GuZheng instructor of Hong Kong GuZheng Performers Association. It was established in 2008 with seven performers and has now developed to more than thirty individuals. This group has been consistently demonstrating and promoting Guzheng music in multi-cultural events, community activities as well as hosting their own Guzheng concerts conducted every two years. 

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Guzheng performers


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. Guzheng Concerts

. Culture Activities

. Community Events

. Social Services


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Shirley Wong
Tel: (403) 988 - 3208

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