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Guzheng is a traditional Chinese classical instrument also known as the "Chinese zither". The Guzheng had a long history of evolution for more than 2000 years, making it not just an instrument but also a storyteller. Its fluid and elegant sounds paint pictures of the beautiful sceneries and intriguing stories from Ancient China to the modern times.

Shirley Wong's Guzheng Lessons

Shirley's Guzheng Studio is located in Calgary and welcomes interested prospective students of all ages. Lessons are available in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. 


Shirley was a proud student of Dr. Tsui Ngan Keung, whom is a first-class Guzheng performer and the founder of the Hong Kong Guzheng Performers Association (HKGPA). Shirley has a wealth of experience in Guzheng performance, conducting, and instructions. She was not only an excelling member of the HKGPA, but also an effective instructor in the Hong Kong Guzheng Art Center. 


With over 20 years of experience in teaching, Shirley's teaching style is unique, scientific and empathetic. Her curriculum follows an enhanced combination of the HKPGA curriculum and the Central Chinese Conservatory Music's examination syllabus. Yet, her teaching style is personalized to each and every student. Effectively nurturing all diligent student to learn and progress in all facets of Guzheng performance. 

A Peek into the Curriculum

Beginner: The focus of the beginner lessons is on the mastering of all fundamental techniques of Guzheng playing. The lessons will also cover basic knowledge of Chinese music theory. At the completion of the course, students will be able to play the Guzheng with skillful plucking from both hands and perform famous pieces of Guzheng music such as the 'Fishermen's Song at Dusk’.

Advanced: At the advanced level, students will learn and master advance techniques of Guzheng playing. Additionally, other facets of performance are covered, such as visual performance, emotion translation, and musicality assessments. At the completion of the course, students will be able to perform many famous Guzheng solo pieces such as 'A Moonlit Night on the River', 'Autumn Moon in the Palace of Han', 'High Mountain and Flowing Water' and 'Combating Typhoon'.

Grade Examination: Students who wish to take a standard grade exam in Canada hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music of China, will be trained according to the syllabus. From 2008 on, our students had participated in the examination annually. All students passed the examinations, and many had received honor grades and positive comments from the organizer.

Harmony Guzheng Ensemble

Harmony Guzheng Ensemble has been active in various cultural and community service activities in Calgary for more than ten years. Our aim is to promote Guzheng music and the Chinese music culture. At the same time, we provide a happy platform for guzheng lovers to work together and enjoy social activities. Please click the link to browse the news of Harmony Guzheng Ensemble.

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Students' Glory is Shirley's Pride

Please click the picture to see their performances at Stampede Talent Search compititions.

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