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Harmony Guzheng Concert

1. Standing on the Peak 站在高岗上

       Composed by: 姚敏 Min Yao

       Arranged by: 周成龙 ChengLong Zhou

    Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏


2. Butterfly Springs of Dali 蝴蝶泉边

        Composed by: 雷振邦 ZhenBang Lei 

        Arranged by: 顾冠仁 GuanRen Gu

    Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏


3. The General’s Command 将军令

        Composed by: 佚名 Unknown 

        Arranged by: 范上娥 ShangE Fan

    Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏

    Guest: Taichi/Wushu Master Mo Fan



4. Cantonese Opera Excerpt

    ”Iron Cavalry Silver Wedding”


        Composed by: 佚名 Unknown

    Actor 演唱: Crystal Lee

    Guzheng Accompaniment

    古筝伴奏: Harper Yang

    Percussion 敲击乐:

        Peggy Yip, Roslyn Lo, Sylvia Lee 


5. Heroic Sisters of the Grasslands


        Composed by: 吴应炬 YingJu Wu

        Arranged by: 刘起超 QiChao Liu,

                               张燕 Yan Zhang

    Guzheng Solo 古筝独奏: Vanessa Wang


6. Blossoming of the Bright Crimson Lilies


        Composed by: 刘烽 Feng Liu

        Arranged by: 焦金海 JinHai Jiao

    Guzheng Duet 古筝二重奏:

    Caroline Zhou, Sylvia Lee

7. Fighting Against the Typhoon 战台风

        Composed by: 王昌元 ChangYuan Wang

    Guzheng Youth Group 古筝小组奏


8. Butterfly Lovers 梁祝

        Composed by: 何占豪 ZhanHao He

                                  陈钢 Gang Chen

        Arranged by: 徐能强 NengQiang Xu

    Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏

    Guest: Artist Simon Wong


Intermission 20 min.  中场休息 20 分钟


9. Copper Coin Throwing Game 丢丢咚

        Composed by: 佚名 Unknown

        Arranged by: 周成龙 ChengLong Zhou

    Guzheng Youth Group 古筝小组奏


10. Liuyang River 浏阳河

        Composed by: 唐壁光 BiGuang Tang

        Arranged by: 张燕 Yan Zhang

      Guzheng Duet 古筝二重奏:

      Crystal Lee, Elissa Shi


11. Spring Comes to Lhasa 春到拉萨

        Composed by: 史兆元 ZhaoYuan Shi

      Guzheng Duet 古筝二重奏:

      Christian Tang, Sydney Tang


12. Fantasia 幻想曲

        Composed by: 黄健民 JianMin Huang

      Guzheng Solo 古筝独奏: Sylvia Lee


13. Song of Flowers and Youth 花儿与少年

        Composed by: 佚名 Unknown

        Arranged by: 徐能强 NengQiang Xu

      Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏


14. Dance of the Yi People  彝族舞曲

        Composed by: 王惠然 HuiRan Wang

        Arranged by: 范上娥 ShangE Fan

      Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏


15. A Fisherman’s Song at Eventide 渔舟唱晚

        Composed by: 娄树华 ShuHua Lou

        Arranged by:  黎国荃 GuoQuan Li

                                陆衡珠 Pearl Lu

      Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏

      Lead by Shirley Wong 黄凤苑领奏


16. Horse Racing 赛马

        Composed by: 黄海怀 HaiHuai Huang

        Arranged by: 徐能强 NengQiang Xu

      Guzheng Ensemble 大合奏

Shirley Wong

Master of Ceremonies

Vincent Yip

Sarah Wang

Ingrid Wang


Performer List

Adrienne Mitton 
Angela Huang 
Angelina Zhang 
Anita Tsang 
Caroline Zhou 
Christian Tang 
Crystal Lee 
Eddie Chen 
Elissa Shi 
Eva Yan 
Faye Guo 
Grace Or 
Harper Yang 
Isabel Wu 
Jenny Sun 
Jialin Ma 
Joanna Lin 


Karen Cheung 
Leonie Chin 
Megan Li 
Mu Mu Niu 
Peggy Yip 
Roslyn Lo 
Sally Lin 
Sarah Chan 
Sherry Zhang 
Shirley Wong 
Sydney Tang 
Sylvia Lee 
Vanessa Wang 
Xi Yao Liu 


Great Thanks to Volunteers

Alice Zhang
Charlie Zheng
David Kwok
Haley Cao
Haixia Guo
Jannell Or
Jeff Quon
Jerome Wu
Joanna Ho
Kam Lee
Kenny Yan


Lucy Lai
Margaret Lu
Paul Yip
Sean Yang
Susan Hui
Vicky Xia
Wei Zhou

鸣  谢


Special Guests

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taishan logo.jpg

Harmony Guzheng Ensemble


The Harmony Guzheng Ensemble is a Calgary based non-profit organization. For the past 15 years, we consistently promote and perform Guzheng music at various events and community activities.

A big THANK YOU to all supporters and volunteers who have contributed to the success of this concert and the growth of our organization.

快乐古筝乐团在过去的15年一直在各种活动和社区活动中推广和表演古筝音乐。 非常感谢所有为这场音乐会的成功和为古筝乐团的发展做出贡献的义工和支持者。

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