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Central Conservatory of Music of China (CCOM) and B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) jointly host Chinese Music Instruments Technique Grade Exam in Canada and US. Students participating in this Grade Exam will be tested by professors from the CCOM and subsequently will be issued Certificate of Accomplishment by the CCOM.

The CCOM is China's one of the top musical institute offering accredited examinations to overseas applicants. In North America, the exam is held annually in Autumn time. For details, please visit BCCMA's website: http://www.bccma.net/en/ccom-exam/instrumental-exam.


Exam Informantion

Application Deadline for each year is around: June 30th. Exam date is usually the last month of October.

Details and Application Form download: http://www.bccma.net/en/ccom-exam/instrumental-exam.

Calgary contact: Ms. Claudia Cheung. Tel. (403)850-1218.


2010 Exam

Exam was held on November 1st in Calgary. Shirley Wong's 11 students passed the exam with excellent marks. Professor Wei-xi Sun (left 6th) was impressed by these students' performance.


2009 Exam

Exam was held on November 2nd in Calgary. SingTao Daily Newspaper had visited the site and reported on Nov 5th.

Photo of students with Prof. Hao YiFan (left 7th) and teacher Shirley Wong (right 3rd rear).



2008 Exam


Information of 2008 Grade Exam in Alberta:


2008, exam was held in Edmonton. Five students from Calgary participated the exam. Photo of students with organizer Ms. Claudia Cheung (front left) , Prof. Tian (front right) and teacher Shirley Wong (rear right 2nd).